Ramon Tozer

Ramon Tozer

Principal | Patent Attorney
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Ramon specialises in patent matters relating to chemistry, and in particular materials and polymer science. His main areas of expertise include the drafting and prosecution of patent applications, and providing validity and infringement advice.

Ramon has extensive experience in a diverse range of technologies, including polymer synthesis and analysis, bio-polymers, drug delivery, medical devices, tissue engineering, biodegradable polymers, polymer (nano) composites, polymer processing, reactive extrusion, emulsion and suspension polymerisation, free radical polymerisation, RAFT polymerisation, conducting polymers, stimulus responsive polymers, adhesive, coating and packaging technologies and  polymerisation catalysts.

Ramon’s practice also extends into the fields of carbon technology (including carbon fibre and graphene), organometallic, inorganic and organic chemistry.

Prior to joining Davies Collison Cave, Ramon worked as a senior polymer chemist with an international polymer manufacturer conducting research and development in polymerisation catalyst technology, polymer manufacture, testing and conversion. He also worked as a research scientist at CSIRO where he conducted applied research for several leading polymer manufacturers and converters. Ramon has gained further experience as a polymer scientist working as an industrial analytical chemist with an international chemical and polymer manufacturer, specialising in polymer analysis.

Ramon’s PhD research was conducted in the field of synthetic organometallic chemistry.


  • Fellow: Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
  • Member: Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Member: The Royal Australian Chemical Institute


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Deakin University
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry), Deakin University
  • Graduate Diploma Intellectual Property Law
  • Registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)

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