IP Law Clerkship

IP Law Clerkship

Working with IP law practitioners who are consistently recognised as among the best in the world will afford you a rewarding career as a specialist IP attorney.

What does a qualified IP lawyer do?

Davies Collison Cave’s IP Law Group provides expert advice in the areas of intellectual property, trade practices litigation, dispute resolution and commercialisation matters.

Our lawyers work with our highly valued Australian and international clients on a range of IP proceedings and dispute resolution matters. They also work alongside colleagues in the Trade Mark and Patent Groups on matters from pre-litigation to trial stage.

Seasonal clerk program – Melbourne & Sydney

The Davies Collison Cave Law Seasonal Clerkship Program can be the beginning of a successful career in intellectual property law.

Key application dates:

Sydney – Opens on 9 June 2020 and will close on 12 July 2020

Melbourne – Opens on 6 July 2020 and will close on 31 August 2020

What will DCC law offer me as a seasonal clerk?

Students participating in our Seasonal Clerk Program are provided an invaluable opportunity to work with and benefit from the direct supervision of partners and senior practitioners. The work ranges from intellectual property litigation matters to alternative dispute resolution, commercialisation and licensing, contract law, administrative law and competition law.

Successful clerks will undertake important personal learning while working with skilled professionals who are responsible for protecting, enforcing, and extracting value from intellectual property assets. The diverse range of clients include leading global companies across diverse industries and technologies.

As a seasonal clerk you will be exposed to client work including:

  • Researching  an area of law, analysing points and summarising your findings
  • Drafting correspondence on behalf of others
  • Shadowing our lawyers in client and external meetings which may include court proceedings.

You’ll have the opportunity to work within a friendly and supportive team, participate in team meetings and enjoy DCC social events.

What is the seasonal clerk criteria checklist?

We are looking for talented students who have a genuine interest in specialising in intellectual property law.

The requirements to be considered for a clerkship are:

  • Completing your penultimate year of a law degree
  • A science or engineering qualification in addition to your law degree is beneficial but not essential
  • Strong English communication skills, both verbal and written
  • A penchant for carrying out analytical and detailed work
  • An appreciation for the delivery of superior client professional services
  • A personal drive and motivation, friendly disposition and team orientation
  • An excellent academic record
  • Proven time management skills.

What do past seasonal clerks say about their experience?

Due to the high calibre candidates our Seasonal Clerk Program attracts and the quality of the program itself, the firm has successfully sourced many of our graduates from the seasonal clerk talent pool.

Read what some of our lawyers introduced to DCC through the Seasonal Clerkship program have to say.

“Undertaking a seasonal clerkship at DCCL gave me valuable insight into how I would be able to use my combined Law-Science degree in practice. I was afforded the opportunity to assist across a variety of interesting and challenging intellectual property matters, including both contentious and non-contentious work. After completing my clerkship at DCCL I was certain that I wanted to practice in IP law, and I was grateful for the chance to continue into the Graduate program.”

– Grace


“Undertaking a clerkship with DCC was the perfect way of confirming my interest in intellectual property law and allowed me to apply my knowledge gained from university study in a practical and meaningful way. I was afforded opportunities beyond what one would normally expect from a clerkship program, including invaluable interaction with leading IP lawyers and attorneys and undertaking challenging, intellectually stimulating work. Anyone who has an interest in intellectual property law would be well-served by DCC’s clerkship program and will finish with a far greater understanding of what working in this area entails and why it can be so rewarding.”

– Lachlan


“The seasonal clerkship program presented me with all the experiences necessary to a firm the interest I had developed for intellectual property law at university. During the program, clerks are given the opportunity to learn from pre-eminent IP lawyers and patent and trade mark attorneys and complete varied, interesting and challenging work (in and outside of Court). Since completing my clerkship in 2009, I have not looked back! – DCCL is the place for IP law in Australia.”

– Aaron


“Clerking at DCCL gave me a taste of how a leading IP firm operates. I had the chance to work on a number of matters from different areas of IP, and this really confirmed the type of work I wanted to do in the future. Beyond this, I found that the people I worked with (at all different levels) were very willing to give up their time and share their expertise and advice – an invaluable resource I’m sure I’ll continue to rely on as a Grad!”

– Emily


“Undertaking a seasonal clerkship at Davies Collison Cave Law gave me the opportunity to put my law studies into practice and to gain some practical experience in the law.  The legal work I was given was interesting and varied and the people I met through the clerkship program provided me with a valuable insight into working in an intellectual property law firm.”

– Jess

Graduate program

The Davies Collison Cave Law Graduate Program is the place to start your specialist career in intellectual property litigation.

Due to the success of our Seasonal Clerkship Program, we will be recruiting our graduates from our seasonal clerkship candidate pool.

What will DCC law offer me as a graduate?

Graduates at DCCL work closely with senior lawyers to develop their practical legal skills, while also undertaking an external PLT or SLT course through one of the firm’s preferred providers.

During the course, you will work full-time with our talented professionals and partners in all aspects of IP law.


Clerkship Application Form

Please address applications to Chris Jordan, Managing Principal.