Patent Internship Program

Patent Internship Program 

Davies Collison Cave (DCC) is consistently ranked in the top tier of patent attorney firms by national and international bodies. Our practitioners come from a broad range of science and technology backgrounds and have industry experience and technical skills in areas that include:

  • Chemistry and materials
  • Clean energy
  • Engineering
  • Physics and electronics
  • Information technology
  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices
  • Nanotechnology
  • Plant innovation

We combine scientific, legal and commercial experience to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. We are looking for students with a strong scientific or technical background, who can act as an interface between the research and legal communities to ensure that all aspects of our client’s inventions are protected.

Internship Program Details

Applications for the 2019–2020 Patent Internship Program are now closed. Details for the 2020–2021 Patent Internship Program are expected to be available in August 2020.  

What will DCC offer me as an intern?

We will provide an invaluable opportunity to work within our practice, and learn from the firm’s junior and senior practitioners. You may be required to assist with patent drafting, filing and prosecution to IP portfolio management, patent opposition and /or litigation.

Our diverse range of clients includes leading global companies across many industries and technologies.

You will have the opportunity to work within a friendly and supportive team, participate in team meetings, and enjoy DCC social events.

What is the intern criteria checklist?

We are looking for talented undergraduate or post-graduate students who have a genuine interest in pursuing a career as a patent attorney.

Key things that we are looking for in an intern include:

  • Postgraduate students or undergraduate students having completed 3 or 4 years of a science or engineering degree.*
  • Well-developed English communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Strong analytical skills and a questioning mind.
  • An appreciation for superior client satisfaction.
  • Personal drive and motivation.
  • A friendly disposition.
  • Team orientation.
  • An excellent academic record.
  • Well-developed time management skills.

*Please note that only applicants who have commenced or completed a PhD will be considered for placement with our biotechnology and chemistry groups.

What do past interns say about their experience?

Andrew Trimmer said:

“During my internship at DCC, I worked across a broad range of technologies, and looked at many aspects of the patent system. Despite not having a background in IP, I quickly learned about the patent attorney profession. The patent attorneys and lawyers at DCC were always ready to provide guidance and answer my questions as they came up. My internship at DCC provided me with a deeper understanding of patenting, interesting cases to work on, and a friendly work environment. I would highly recommend it to anybody considering entering the field.”  

Simren Khosa said:

“Having always had an interest in Intellectual Property law, my two-week work experience placement with Davies Collison Cave was the affirmation I needed to pursue this career. My time spent at the firm allowed me to truly experience how patent attorneys work at the interface of science and law. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised by how much scientific knowledge is used in the work of a patent attorney from a day-to-day basis and how much one’s knowledge of the industry and the technology is constantly expanding. A work experience placement with Davies Collison Cave is a must if you are interested in an exciting and evolving profession.”

Sanjan Srivelan said:

I completed DCC’s patent internship program in 2018. Although I had previously completed internships with major aerospace companies, I was looking for an opportunity to be involved in a more people-oriented industry. An aspect of the program for which I am grateful was the opportunity to contribute directly to core IP work, including preparing advice delivered to clients. I also found the degree of lateral thinking afforded in the daily work of attorneys at DCC refreshing and, of course, it was great to read and analyse the inventions that come through the door. The added bonus of completing this program is that if you ever invent something, you’ll know what it takes to get it patented!”

Sian Harrick said:

“I was looking for graduate engineering positions when the opportunity to do an internship at DCC came up. I had previously undertaken engineering internships and, not having a legal background, had never considered IP work before this point. The internship was an ideal way for me to not only discover what the DCC team and work environment was like, but also to learn about the field and what exactly patent attorneys do on the job. Through the internship, I was able to get involved with current cases, mentored by partners and associates who took the time to get to know me and make the experience engaging on both sides. The internship showed me that a position at DCC would be one which would provide the technical challenges I was seeking from an engineering role, while satisfying my broader interests and allowing me to continue learning.”


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