Design Registration

Design Registration

Design registration can be an important part in an IP strategy for protecting technical innovation. Although often thought of simply in terms of design protection, a registration can also act as an addition or alternative to patent protection. While design registration protects the appearance of a product, rather than how it works or how it is made, a registered design may still provide significant protection in situations where patent protection is unavailable or not justified.

Below is a short animation we’ve produced to guide you through the design registration process.

Design filings at Davies Collison Cave

Design filings are usually handled by the same attorneys as those handling patent filing and prosecution. Therefore, the possibility of design filings will be one of the many issues considered by your attorney when discussing IP strategy and the protection that may be secured.  Our attorneys have expertise in the technological domains where design filings typically arise. 

Our design registration service offerings:

  • advice on the appropriateness and possibility of registered design protection
  • filing and prosecution of design applications in Australia and overseas
  • assessment of infringement and validity of design registrations.