Fashion, Architecture and Design

Fashion, Architecture and Design

Fashion, architecture and design involve a marriage of function and aesthetics. While intellectual property rights  should never constrain creativity, they do provide an avenue to recognise and protect  unique creative expressions. Intellectual property rights safeguard the financial investment  made to bring creative ideas to market.

Davies Collison Cave recognises and understands the complex dynamics of the design and creative industries. Our team has the expertise to assist  individuals and companies to secure protection and to reward their innovation.

From individual designers to large fashion houses andbuilding design companies at the forefront of innovation, our team has  the technical and legal skill to guide our clients and deliver an appropriate IP strategy. We  ensure the strategy is tailored for each client and takes into account individual and business needs and the commercial life of the specific design.

Our short animation below is a useful guide to the Design Registration process.


Our attorneys recognise the uniqueness of the fashion industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to the temporary nature of fashion and the prominence of individual designers and fashion houses, registration and exploitation of IP rights in the fashion industry requires a very different strategy to that of other industries.  Our team has experience in formulating appropriate strategies that incorporate copyright, trade mark and design protection and which take account of a client’s available resources and the relevant fashion cycles and trends.


Davies Collison Cave also recognises the diverse nature of the architecture industry.  This includes the preparation, drawing and production of designs or plans by architects, right through to the manufacture of innovative products and materials that push the boundaries of architecture and building design.

Our team assists clients to understand what IP rights are available for each stage of the architectural process.  In particular, our attorneys have expertise in helping architects  understand who rightfully owns copyright and moral rights, as well as the protections afforded to an architect to protect his or her work and to avoid unauthorised use of  designs.