• Building and Construction

    Building and construction is a fast-paced and innovative industry. IP protection – especially  patent and registered design protection – is crucial to establish and maintain…

  • Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

    Many scientific challenges that are faced today arise because of limitations of materials that are currently available

  • Clean Technology and Energy

    Clean technologies aim to  increase the sustainability of human activity by reducing environmental footprints and minimising waste.

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Electronics are at the centre of innovation for many industries. And the rapid rate of change and development invariably gives rise to complex issues in intellectual…

  • Engineering and Manufacturing

    For innovations produced by the engineering and manufacturing industries, intellectual property protection can be critical to success.  

  • ICT & Software

    IT, software and electronics are at the centre of innovation for all industries particularly given the technologically-driven nature of the “new economy”.

  • Medical Devices & Technologies

    Australia’s medical device industry is well established and internationally recognised. Local companies face major competition for funding to develop new technology. So a sophisticated IP…

  • Mining and Resources

    Mining companies around the world face an array of different challenges. As a mature industry, the profitability of these companies may hinge on finding ways…

  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology is the term applied  to the manipulation of materials and the fabrication of objects on a length scale of about 1-100 nanometers, particularly where…

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