Agribusiness, Food and Nutrition

Agribusiness, Food and Nutrition

The innovative processes developed in the agribusiness and food technology sector exemplify Australian ingenuity. The ability to protect this ingenuity through intellectual property rights can assist stakeholders  to secure market dominance.

With the increasing development of agribusiness and food technology as a high end export industry, strong reliance on IP rights and custom provisions both locally and internationally is essential.

Protecting innovation in the agribusiness and food technology industry is the first step. Trade mark and design registration of packaging is the next.

Trade mark and design registration offers an important means to protect product form, appearance and tracking. In such a vibrant industry, there is a need for strategic advice to integrate  all forms of IP to protect  innovation and facilitate business development.

Our specialist agribusiness and food technology IP group has extensive experience in providing advice and working along side large multinational corporations, small business, individuals, research departments and government agencies. We work to maximise their strategic position and market security within a competitive domestic and international market place.

At Davies Collison Cave, our agribusiness and food technology team includes chemists, life scientists, engineers and lawyers who specialise in trade marks, licensing, contracts and litigation. We have the relevant expertise for all aspects of innovation in agribusiness and food technology.

The team can support your business with:

  • Drafting and Prosecution Of Patents
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Assessments
  • Freedom To Operate and Novelty Searching
  • Watching Services and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property
  • Trade Mark and Design Registration
  • Commercialisation, Licensing and Litigation.

The Agribusiness and Food technology team is experienced in all facets of agribusiness and food technology including:

  • Agricultural processing
  • Animal husbandry
  • Aquaculture, farming and fisheries
  • Crop science and crop genetics
  • Dairy processes
  • Environmental systems
  • Food formulation and processing technologies
  • Forestry
  • Green technology
  • Horticulture
  • Meat processing
  • Natural products (including food additives)
  • Plant Breeder’s Rights
  • Water quality
  • Wine science.