Medical Devices & Technologies

Medical Devices & Technologies

Medical technologies are high growth markets.  The graph below demonstrates the significant growth of patents filed in these markets. Inventions in these technical spaces can be challenging to protect in certain jurisdictions because of the human aspect of the technology.  As such, it is essential that the patent specifications be prepared by a team that has the right experience.

Source: Intellectual Property Office of Singapore – Singapore Patent Landscape Report 2016

In view of the above, a sophisticated IP strategy from the early stages of development is imperative.  The monopoly rights conferred by IP ownership can be a powerful asset with which to:

  • Attract funding;
  • Maintain investor confidence;
  • Deter potential infringers;
  • Enforce IP rights;
  • Generate revenue streams through licencing IP rights; and/or
  • Generate revenue through sale of IP rights.

The speed of entry of new products into this market, both locally and globally, makes it critical to have good early advice on available IP strategies.  Knowing what you want to protect, the countries in which you want to protect it, and having an attorney who understands how to protect it all contribute towards better strategic IP guidance and commercial outcomes.

Working with an experienced IP team from the outset will ensure that you can move forward with confidence through all stages of development and commercialisation.  

Technically talented team

At Davies Collison Cave, we have the expertise for every technological aspect of your innovation.  The attorneys in our Medical Technologies  team has been selected for their scientific, engineering and legal skills.  

The Medical Technologies team has specific knowledge and experience in:

  • Bioinformatics, diagnostics and computer-controlled treatment regimes
  • Medical technology and medical devices including:
    • control
    • optics
    • image processing
    • ​measurement
  • Implantable devices and devices for insertion
  • Electronic monitoring systems
  • Nanotechnology based devices
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering.

Instrument and medical device innovations often span a range of different technology areas.  This requires extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge from your IP team.  The extended Davies Collison Cave team can also draw on the knowledge of more than 80 other high calibre IP professionals internationally, with specific knowledge and experience in:

  • Analysis of biological materials
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biology, chemistry and physics
  • Human anatomy, physiology and medicine.