Pharmaceuticals & Chemistry

Pharmaceuticals & Chemistry

Our team of experienced pharmaceutical specialists provides expert advice and assistance in protecting IP in pharmaceutical innovation, including both small molecule drug development and biologics.

Our team is experienced in providing a full range of IP services including patents and designs as well as those areas of critical importance to the pharmaceutical industry such as analysis of competitor and generic positions and patent term extensions.

The IP services provided by our team include:

  • patent drafting and prosecution around the world
  • freedom-to-operate searching and advice
  • advice on strategic management of IP (including freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, validity and patentability opinions)
  • analysis of competitor and other third party positions (evaluation, acquisition and exploitation of technology)
  • advice and support in obtaining pharmaceutical patent extensions of term
  • monitoring competitor activity
  • patent opposition
  • advice and support in obtaining registered designs (e.g. drug delivery devices)
  • trade mark searching and registrations

Our pharmaceutical specialists, most of whom hold higher degrees and have relevant industry and postdoctoral experience, have extensive expertise in areas including:

  • drug design and development
  • animal and human health products
  • product formulation
  • dosing regimens
  • crystalline forms
  • enantiomers
  • antibody therapy
  • antibiotics
  • natural product extracts (e.g. Chinese medicine)
  • radiopharmaceuticals and radio imaging agents
  • drug delivery systems
  • pharmacology
  • diagnostics
  • combinatorial chemistry
  • peptides, proteins and carbohydrates