Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources

Mining companies around the world face an array of different challenges.

As a mature industry, the profitability of these companies may hinge on finding ways to improve performance and operational effectiveness.  Allied to this however are other issues, for example the on-going need to enhance safety and meet environmental standards.

They also face the issues of safety and the need to meet strict environmental standards. Mining companies use a broad range of technologies to address these challenges.

At Davies Collison Cave we have attorneys with the qualifications and technical experience covering all technical fields.  We are therefore ideally placed to assist our clients in the mining and resources sector.

Our relevant capabilities include:

  • Automation and control systems
  • Electronic and electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial designs
  • Communications technology and signal processing
  • Explosives technologies including blasting systems
  • Mineral and metallurgical chemistry
  • Ore extraction and separation technologies
  • Land remediation
  • Treatment and recycling of waste water.

We also have specialists to assist with any branding, IP commercialisation and contentious matters that you may have.