Nanotechnology is the term applied  to the manipulation of materials and the fabrication of objects on a length scale of about 1-100 nanometers, particularly where this molecular level gives rise to new or enhanced properties.

It is fair  to say that nanotechnology has been at the core of most major innovations since the late 1990s. By its very nature, nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary and disruptive technology, often requiring expertise in diverse technical fields.

Nanotechnology also gives rise to complex issues in intellectual property law.  Davies Collison Cave has developed a team with a depth of technical expertise and experience to successfully tackle these issues.

Our attorneys have expertise not only in IP law but also in chemistry, polymers, and surface science, biotechnology, physics, materials science, electrical and mechanical engineering, and micro/nano-scale fabrication and characterisation technologies, microelectronics, semiconductors, photonics, and medical devices.

Our team is renowned as leaders in the field – in Australia and around the world.

We understand the complex challenges  involved in commercialising nanotechnology. Our expert  trade mark and commercial lawyers will  identify and protect your distinctive branding and draft appropriate commercial agreements and contracts to ensure your IP is secure.

Strategic use of intellectual property has helped our clients to grow and prosper.