IP Portfolio Management and Maintenance

IP Portfolio Management and Maintenance

Intellectual Property (IP) includes both registrable and non-registrable rights. These can provide innovators and entrepreneurs (from individuals to small and large businesses) with a significant competitive advantage in the market place.  However, understanding a portfolio of IP rights, ensuring registrable rights are maintained, and conducting surveillance of competitor activity are complex processes that require expert management.  DCC has the systems and personnel to manage and maintain your IP portfolio.

With our strategic alliance with Computer Patent Annuities (CPA) which handles periodic renewal or maintenance fees, DCC can assist clients in ensuring all actions required to obtain and enforce IP rights are dealt with in a timely manner. This gives individual innovators and companies, small and large, the time to focus on their core business activities.

Maintaining a competitive advantage in the market place is the key to business success and market dominance.  Identification, protection and enforcement of IP is a vital step in achieving this goal.

DCC has experienced practitioners who can:

  • Assist in identifying your IP
  • Advise on protecting your IP and the means to achieve this
  • Assist in registering your IP rights
  • Conduct literature searches and surveillance of competitor activity
  • Liaise with CPA for renewals and maintenance
  • Advise on enforcement of your IP rights
  • Provide commercial advice relating to your IP rights.