New Zealand Patent Services

New Zealand Patent Services

New Zealand IP expertise – saving time and money

As part of an effective IP strategy, it’s advisable to safeguard your IP in neighbouring jurisdictions. Most of our attorneys practice in both Australia and New Zealand and several are New Zealand-trained with specialist knowledge of  New Zealand IP law.

Using one firm and usually the one attorney to service your IP portfolio in both Australia and New Zealand will save you time, ensure consistency and minimise duplication. The cost savings can be considerable.

New Zealand IP Services

Our services include:

  • Patent filing and prosecution
  • Trade mark registration and advice
  • Patent searches – novelty and infringement
  • Trade mark availability searches
  • Oppositions and litigation
  • Infringement and validity advice
  • IP commercialisation

New Zealand Patent law changes

The introduction of the New Zealand Patents Act 2013 in September 2014 has resulted in closer alignment of patent law in Australia and New Zealand.

Our experienced attorneys are up to date with the recent changes in practice and are well placed advise on nuances of local New Zealand practice to achieve the best outcome for applicants.