• Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution

    An effective patent strategy takes into account how new patent applications are drafted, where patent applications are filed and how patent applications are prosecuted to…

  • Patent Filing Requirements in Singapore

    Davies Collison Cave can help you with the often complex filing process for Singaporean patent applications.

  • Patent Filing Requirements in Australia and New Zealand

    To enter the National Phase in Australia from a PCT application, the following documents and particulars are needed:

  • IP Portfolio Management and Maintenance

    Intellectual Property (IP) includes both registrable and non-registrable rights. These can provide innovators and entrepreneurs (from individuals to small and large businesses) with a significant…

  • Patent Registration Services – South Pacific Region

    Davies Collison Cave can assist you with patent protection in a number of South Pacific countries. We can directly file, or register patents previously granted…

  • Patent Searching

    When launching a new product on the market or filing a patent application, a professional patent search provides a strong platform for informed decisions.

  • PCT Wheel English

    The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Wheel was devised and designed by John Hughes and Karen Yields on behalf of DCC in 1993. It has been…

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