Patent Filing Requirements in Singapore

Patent Filing Requirements in Singapore

Davies Collison Cave can help you with the often complex filing process for Singaporean patent applications. The types of information required to file a patent application will depend upon whether your application is for:

  1. A patent application first made in Singapore
  2. The Singaporean (or ‘national’) phase of an international application
  3. A direct filing under the Paris Convention

Patent applications first made in Singapore

Davies Collison Cave will require the following information to file a Singapore patent application for you:

  • Details of the priority claim(s) and the applicant and inventors, including their names, citizenships and addresses;
  • A patent specification which fully discloses and describes the invention.

The Singaporean phase of an international PCT application

Timing considerations

The deadline for entry into the Singaporean national phase is 30 months from the earliest priority date claimed.

Required information

If the originating PCT application is in English, we simply require the details of the PCT application, such as the application or publication number.
If the originating application is not in English, we also require a verified translation of the specification, including any Article 19 and 34 amendments.

Filings under the Paris Convention

Complete applications under the Paris Convention must be filed within 12 months of the earlier overseas application, although a 2 month extension of time is possible under certain circumstances.

In order to complete the application we will require:

  1. Details of the applicant, inventors and priority claims
  2. An English language specification detailing the invention.