Plant Name Protection

Plant Name Protection

Trade marks can assist plant breeders and horticulturalists to increase sales by differentiating their products from those of competitors. 

In the plant industry, the use of trade marks in association with plants, and particularly new varieties, is common place. However, breeders frequently make the mistake of using the  the name of the variety or cultivar of the plant as the trade mark.

At Davies Collison Cave we have more than 100 years experience registering and protecting trade marks and plant names. We understand the challenges and opportunities presented in horticultural industries.

We can assist horticulturalists with:

  • Selection of clear protectable trade marks
  • Review of plant labels
  • Advice on proper use of trade marks, varietal names and botanical names
  • Registration of trade marks and plant breeders rights
  • Dispute resolution between plant growers
  • Draft licence agreements.