Domain Name Protection & Disputes

Domain Name Protection & Disputes

Davies Collison Cave is the domain name specialist. We have a detailed technical and legal understanding of the internet and domain name issues. 

Domain name registration

As authorised resellers of domain names with two Australian-based domain name registrars, Davies Collison Cave offers competitive registration and renewal fees.

Domain name renewal

We manage domain name renewals cost effectively and have a reliable renewal reminder service.

We customise our communications structure to reflect our clients’ needs. For example, we set up ‘sub accounts’ with our domain name registrars, which allows clients to directly access and update their domain name portfolios at any time. This is particularly useful when delegation changes are required outside normal business hours.

Resolving domain name disputes

Domain name disputes typically arise when domain names which incorporate third party trade marks are registered.

Conflicts between trade marks and domain names

In Australia, use of a trade mark in a domain name may infringe a registered trade mark or breach a trade mark owner’s common law rights and consumer protection legislation. We handle disputes involving enforcement of trade mark rights against owners of conflicting domain names.

Dispute resolution mechanisms

Many domain name disputes are resolved through the   Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) or the Australian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP).  We provide advice on dispute resolution strategies and procedures as well as prepare and lodge formal complaints.

Defensive monitoring

Davies Collison Cave provides global defensive domain name services to clients. Through our domain name watch service we monitor and report any top-level (gTDL) and country code (ccTDL) domain names that are identical or confusingly similar to your trade mark.

Reports on potentially problematic domain names can be provided periodically, together with advice. We handle conflict matters through to resolution and arrange for domain names to be transferred.