Davies Collison Cave Legal Update webinars

Davies Collison Cave Legal Update Webinars

The Davies Collison Cave Legal Update is an ongoing webinar series addressing current legal issues that Australian businesses are facing due to COVID-19 and how they adapt in a new and challenging climate. 

Please watch our recorded webinars and refer to the presenters’ slides below:


Thursday 16 July 2020

Privacy issues, remote signing and witnessing, and insolvency-related issues for businesses  

Privacy issues arising for businesses due to COVID-19, including the collection of information from employees, customers and visitors

Presented by Dr Gordon Hughes AM 

(Run time: Beginning of recording to approx. 19:20 minutes) 

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Temporary changes to insolvency laws – statutory demands and insolvent trading in the context of COVID-19

Presented by Felicity Dalle Nogare and Melanie Davey  

(Run time: approx. 20:42 minutes to 40:52 minutes) 

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Electronic signatures and remote witnessing of documents in Australia

Presented by Andrew Sutherland

(Run time: approx. 40:52 minutes to conclusion of recording) 

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Thursday 30 July 2020

Continued operation of Australian courts, contractual issues and innovation

Continued operation of the courts in Australia 

Presented by Chris Jordan and Paul Dewar 

(Run time: Beginning of recording to approx. 14:50 minutes) 

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Issues arising in contracts from companies in financial distress, and issues arising in IP licences, including licences for COVID-19 related technologies and compulsory licensing in Australia 

Presented by Rodney DeBoos 

(Run time: 14:50 minutes to approx. 40:11 minutes) 

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Innovation during the COVID-19 disruption 

Presented by Jacqueline Simpkin 

(Run time: 40:12 minutes to approx. 48:41 minutes) 

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Friday 28 August 2020

Current IP issues for businesses in an online environment 

Protecting trade marks in an online environment 

Presented by Stuart Green

(Run time: Beginning of recording to approx. 9:36 minutes) 

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Pursuing counterfeit products in an online environment 

Presented by Miriam Zanker 

(Run time: 9:39 minutes to approx. 22:25 minutes) 

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Rights to content on online platforms  

Streaming service platforms terms of use 

Presented by Suzette Pullinger and Courtney White 

(Run time: 22:28 minutes to approx. 30:04 minutes) 

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Privacy obligations of video teleconference providers  

Presented by Gordon Hughes  

(Run time: 30:07 minutes to approx. 42:56 minutes) 

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Case study 

Presented by Fiona Galbraith  

(Run time: 42:59 minutes to approx. 50:43 minutes) 

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Testimonials on business websites

Presented by Lachlan Sadler 

(Run time: 50:46 minutes to approx. 58:50 minutes) 

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Patents in an online environment 

Presented by Nik Ramchand

(Run time: 58:53 minutes to approx. 1:15:27 minutes) 

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Thursday 17 September 2020 

Protecting, extending and enforcing pharmaceutical patents in Australia 

Extending the term of pharmaceutical patents in Australia 

Presented by Michael Caine

(Run time: Beginning of recording to approx. 24:34 minutes) 

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Considerations when providing the ‘usual undertaking’ – Key points from Commonwealth v Sanofi 

Presented by Paul Dewar and Suzy Roessel 

(Run time: 24:37 to approx. 38:17 minutes) 

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The operation of the experimental and regulatory use exemptions to infringement of pharmaceutical and medical device patents 

Presented by Grace O’Connor 

(Run time: 38:20 to approx. 51:03 minutes) 

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Novelty and infringement of second medical use claims: Mylan Health Pty Ltd v Sun Pharma ANZ Pty Ltd [2020] FCAFC 116 

Presented by Claire Gregg and Sian Hope 

(Run time: 51:06 to 1:06:46 minutes) 

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Wednesday 14 October 2020

Document it or lose it – Must-know points to protect your IP   

The importance of non-disclosure agreements 

Presented by Gordon Hughes AM 

(Run time: Beginning of recording to approx. 26:01 minutes) 

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The importance of record keeping to: 

Secure and maintain patent rights 

Presented by Alistair Smith 

(Run time: 26:03 minutes to approx. 39:13 minutes) 

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•  Presentation slides

Secure and maintain trade mark rights 

Presented by Taryn Lovegrove

(Run time: 39:16 minutes to approx. 56:40 minutes) 

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•  Presentation slides

Wayback machine evidence – when can you rely on it? 

Presented by Liz Lawson 

(Run time: 56:44 minutes to conclusion) 

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