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DCC has an experienced team that ensures that your patent application is handled efficiently, with care, and with appropriate technical expertise.

Our Services

We provide the full range of services in relation to patent preparation and prosecution, including pre-filing advice on patentability, drafting of patent specifications in accordance with international best practice, filing applications in Australia and globally, and prosecuting them through to grant.

Drafting, Filing & Prosecution


A well drafted patent specification provides a solid foundation for later prosecution and enforcement.  At DCC we draft patents specifications in view of international best practice in readiness for domestic and international patent filings.

DCC prides itself on its ability to draft high quality patent specifications that measure up to international best practice.

Drafting a new patent application requires a detailed technical understanding of an invention; a deep understanding of the commercial needs of the client; and knowledge of international best practice for drafting with the relevant technology.  At DCC we pride ourselves on our highly qualified practitioners covering all technology areas. In fact, over 50% of our attorneys hold PhDs and have post-doctoral experience. We are able to allocate resources most relevant to our clients’ inventions.


Filing & Prosecution

DCC has a dedicated filings team to ensure that new applications are handled reliably and efficiently filed.

DCC has experienced patent attorneys in a wide range of technologies.  This ensures that your application will be handled by a patent attorney with expertise and experience in your area of

Australian Filing Requirements

1. PCT National Phase Entry

The national phase entry deadline is 31 months from the priority date.

The following information and documents are required at filing:

  1. The International Patent Application Number or the International Publication Number;
  2. If the PCT application was not published in English, an English translation of the specification, including any amendments made before establishment of the IPRP.

A copy of a translator’s verification certificate must be provided within 2 months from a Patent Office direction to do so.

2. Convention Application

The following information and documents are required at filing:

  1. the full name and address of each applicant, and the full name of each inventor;
  2. the application number, filing date, and country of each application from which priority is to be claimed; and
  3. An English language patent specification, including claims and any drawings.

Verified English translations or certified copies of priority documents are not required at filing, though these may subsequently be requested by the Patent Office.

3. Examination

Examination of standard patent applications must be requested within five years from the filing date, or 2 months from the date that the Commissioner of Patents issues a direction to do so.

Applications are examined for:

  • novelty;
  • inventive step;
  • patentable subject matter (manner of manufacture);
  • sufficiency;
  • support; and
  • unity of invention.

Applicants can be provided with multiple opportunities to respond to Examiner objections, but regardless of the number of responses, the application must be accepted within 12 months of issuance of the first examination report.

Our Experts in Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution

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Connor Matthews

BEng (Auto) (Hons)
Trainee Patent Attorney
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
Engineering & ManufacturingMining, Energy & ResourcesPatentsPatent SearchingPatent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution

Peter Matalanis

BAeroEng (Hons), LLB (Hons)
Trainee Patent Attorney
Brisbane, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
PatentsBuilding & ConstructionEngineering & ManufacturingAerospace & DefencePatent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution

Cecily Tighe

Trainee Patent Attorney
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
PatentsDesignsEngineering & ManufacturingMedical TechnologyMining, Energy & Resources

Dr Van Mai

BBiotech (Hons), PhD
Trainee Patent Attorney
Brisbane, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
PatentsChemistryBiotechnologyClean TechnologyNanotechnology

Sanjan Srivelan

BAeroEng (Hons), LLB (Hons)
Trainee Patent Attorney
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
PatentsCopyrightTrade Secrets & Data ProtectionBuilding & ConstructionEngineering & Manufacturing

Riley Morrow

BBiomedSc (Hons)
Trainee Patent Attorney
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Expertise/Sector
PatentsAgribusiness & Food TechnologyBiotechnologyClean TechnologyNanotechnology