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Davies Collison Cave is pleased to announce the 10th Anniversary of the Brisbane Office. The Office opened for business on Monday, 4 October, 1999 with John Hughes as managing partner. As with all new endeavours very rarely can the journey be considered smooth sailing and the opening of our Brisbane Office was no exception. Ten years down the track and John Hughes clearly recalls the high’s and low’s of that first day!

A diary was started on the first day, after the first 24 hours, the diary idea was forgotten. This is why:


John Hughes (Partner), Mandy and Patricia arrive to open the office. This is going to be a good day.



The renovations are far from complete. A client meeting has been ambitiously scheduled for 8.30am. During the weekend, a door was installed into the Boardroom which had become jammed.

Minor inconvenience.


The new Boardroom table arrived. It is stuck in the lift. It is already 39 degrees outside. There is an odour emanating from the bathroom (a smell which may out live religion). Nobody wants to investigate and the builders pretend not to notice.



Eight people arrive for the meeting. A total of nine PhD’s and no-one could un-jam the Boardroom door. We have the meeting in the hallway sitting on the builder’s tool boxes. The builders are not impressed. The odour is getting worse in the heat (has taken on its own life force).

According to an unnamed source, the Boardroom table has just set off a fire alarm. The Boardroom table is dismantled to get out of the lift. The firemen want to use the lift even though the building superintendent says no. Level of discomfort in the meeting increasing.

Cost of fire brigade attending: $12,000.

Very disappointing.


During the meeting, a builder plugged in a toast maker which blew a circuit. No lights. No airconditioning. The fire brigade is not amused. It is now 40 degrees outside. Patience inside begins to wear thin. Life is not meant to be easy.

Cost of calling an electrician to fix the problem: $2,000. Can it be any more disappointing?


A key member of the client meeting has yet to arrive. Workers are screaming at each other because building supplies have not arrived. The police turn up because no-one at the fire station can contact the fire brigade in the office.

The Yellow Pages has printed the incorrect number for the office. Now verging on mass hysteria. Cost: $18,000.

Yes it can.


The missing member of the meeting finally arrives. He is stopped by the police, the fire brigade, the builder and superintendent, he is not amused. Day not getting better.


We go to lunch. Day improving.


Chef has obviously gone to catch lunch. Still waiting for a meal. Any improvements in the day have evaporated.


Door to Boardroom finally unjammed. Someone forgot to mention that a bucket collecting water from dripping tap needs to be emptied every so often. The wet carpet is competing with the bathroom for “odour of the year”.

Day getting worse.


Cleaner comes to dry carpet, he is ill from smell.

Another client due in 15 minutes. What else can go wrong?

Don’t ask.


Home time.

Tomorrow is another day!

…Ten Years later

The door to the boardroom can’t be closed but the smell has gone and remarkably, the Brisbane Office has expanded from four to eight offices and is filled to capacity. It has now grown to be one of Brisbane’s most successful Patent and Trade mark Attorney Firms, supported by an enviable team of partners and operators. The Brisbane Office has over this time nurtured a much sought after list of clients who continue to provide the firm with engaging work but more importantly many have become good friends.

The Brisbane Office is proudly represented by three partners and five operators namely; Victor Argaet, Partner; Alistair Smith, Partner; Kathryn Morris, Partner; Becky White, Associate; Neal Schutte, Patent Attorney; Denise Hodge, Trainee Attorney; Doug Horton, Trainee Attorney; and Grant Stonier, Trainee Attorney.