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Protecting your patent in Cambodia under the PCT

2 minute read

On 8 September 2016, Cambodia became the 151st member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This means that from 8 December 2016, Cambodia became bound by the PCT system. Any international application filed on or after 8 December 2016 will automatically include the designation of Cambodia and International applicants will be able to enter the national phase in Cambodia within 30 months from the priority date on international applications filed on or after 8 December 2016. Furthermore, nationals and residents of Cambodia will be entitled to file international applications under the PCT from 8 December 2016.

Cambodia as a Growing Market

Cambodia is part of the ASEAN region that has a combined population of 600 million, forming the world’s third largest market. Cambodia, itself, has a population of 15 million people and has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, much of this coming from agriculture, tourism and the textile sectors.

The accession of Cambodia to the PCT will help to strengthen the country’s patent protection system. This will make it easier for both locals and foreigners to protect their inventions in the country. This is also likely to help encourage further foreign investment and promote research and development in the country.

Protecting Your Patent in Cambodia

  • Applicants may consider filing PCT national phase applications in Cambodia from international applications filed on or after 8 December 2016,
  • Applicants may take advantage of time and cost savings under the ASEAN Patent Examination Co-operation (ASPEC) programme in Cambodia if they have a corresponding patent application allowed in another ASEAN country,
  • Applicants with a granted Singapore patent may re-register their patent in Cambodia under an agreement between the patent offices of the two countries.

Please contact our Singapore office if you have any enquires on filing for patent protection in Cambodia or within the ASEAN region.

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