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In October this year, the annual European Patent Office (EPO) Patent Information Conference will be held in Bologna, Italy, attracting over 400 patent information professionals from more than 30 countries.  These professionals include patent attorneys and examiners, information scientists, searchers, analysts, patent engineers and technology transfer specialists.

DCC is proud to announce that our Senior Associate, Susanne Hantos, has been invited to present as keynote speaker at the official opening of the conference.

Susanne manages the DCC Patent Intelligence Services and is a unique patent attorney in that she specialises in searching and analysing patent and non-patent information.  She is both a chemist and librarian, as well as a registered Australian and New Zealand patent attorney and a Canadian patent agent.

Susanne is also the current President of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) which is a non-profit, international professional organisation dedicated to supporting those who work with patent information.

The comprehensive four day conference programme in Bologna attracts senior patent professionals from Europe and across the globe, and the invitation to be a keynote speaker is indicative of the international standing and reputation Susanne has gained amongst her peers.


Sue Hantos – Senior Associate / Manager of DCC Patent Intelligence Services