About the photos on this website

About the photos on this website

About the photos on this website

The new davies.com.au website is illustrated with photography and art sourced from around the world, and licensed under the Creative Commons. We look forward to showcasing many more of these works in the coming months.

BLPRNT: transforming information into art

The chart detail at the top of our News & Publications pages is the work of Jer Thorp (flickr.com user BLPRNT), a New York-based data visualisation artist. No longer the sole domain of drab statisticians, humble bar charts have undergone a renaissance in recent years to become art forms in their own right. The kaleidoscope works of artists such as Jer Thorp provide us with unique insights into large quantities of information while also creating striking pieces of art.

Media mentions of “internet” , “web”, and “twitter” from 1990 – 2008.


‘Regulation’ and ‘Innovation’ in New York Times articles since 1981

Top organizations and personalities for every year from 1985 to 2001

Newspaper coverage of US Presidents 1984 – 2009

About Creative Commons Licensing

Artistic works in the Creative Commons represent an interesting worldwide development of copyright practice, and a powerful example of its vibrant evolution. The Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that publishes licence templates to allow content creators more granular control over the terms under which they share their work with the world. The licences allow a pick-and-mix method of controlling adaptation, attribution, distribution and commercial use of their works.

The photos showcased on davies.com.au have all been published to the web under a Creative Common Attribution licence, which lets others distribute, remix and build upon a work so long as credit is provided to the original creator. The attribution of all Creative Commons licensed photos on this website can be seen in the bottom-right corner. Further licensing information, such as the source photo’s URL and licence type, is contained with the image “ALT tags”. These are accessible in some browsers by hovering your mouse over a photo, and in others by viewing the page source code.

Please note: the  inclusion of a Creative Commons work on our website does not indicate a relationship between its creator and Davies Collison Cave, or any endorsement or affiliation.

A note for photographers and artists

As a courtesy to the talented artists featured on davies.com.au, we attempt to contact them and let them know how and where we’ve used their work. If you’d like to get in touch about our use of your work, please visit our contact us page.