2010 appointments at Davies Collison Cave

2010 appointments at Davies Collison Cave

2010 appointments at Davies Collison Cave

On the 1st July the following appointments were announced to Davies Collison Cave. * indicates appointment to Davies Collison Cave Law.

Senior associates

Robert Finn

B.E. (Mech.)(Hons.), B.Sc. (Chem.), Dip.IPP (IPTA), Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney

Rob began his working career in the iron ore industry, spending two and a half years in Tom Price, Western Australia, where he worked as a mechanical engineer. He joined the patent attorney profession in 2000. Rob specialises in mechanical engineering, building and construction technology and general engineering. He has considerable experience also in transport and handling, manufacturing and renewable energy technologies, as well as materials science. Rob handles patent opposition, infringement and validity matters and provides advice concerning patent-related litigation. He also prepares and prosecutes design applications and provides advice in relation to all aspects of registered designs.

Jane Hutchison

B.Sc. (Hons.) Ph.D., Patent Attorney

Jane practises in the biosciences field in securing intellectual property protection and providing advice on patentability, infringement and validity. Jane drafts patent specifications across a broad spectrum of bioscience- based inventions, including those relating to bio-molecules, cells, plants, assays, and therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic methods and medical devices. Jane has post-doctoral research experience as a molecular parasitologist and has also worked in-house as a corporate intellectual property advisor. Jane has significant experience, over ten years prosecuting patent applications in many jurisdictions, and also has experience acting before the Australian and New Zealand Patent Offices and managing contentious matters including oppositions and hearings.

Justin Negler

B.E. (Mech.)(Hons.), B.Sc., M.IP Law, Patent Attorney

Justin’s experience in the fields of automotive and marine engineering includes drafting and prosecution of patent applications in Australia and overseas for an extensive range of devices/processes, including a multi-speed automatic automotive transmission having adaptive control strategies, a double clutch transmission (DCT), an energy- efficient torque converter, conversions for providing wheelchair access to vehicles, vehicle stabilising and levelling systems, a hybrid marine drive and a braking system with improved pad wear characteristics.

He also has experience in obtaining, enforcing and advising on registered design rights in a range of areas including luggage, food packaging, adhesive containers and dispensers, swimwear, sport safety equipment, kitchen appliances, advertising trailers, vehicle body panels, electric vehicle components, light housings, plant pots, building brackets, underground water storage systems and tyre tread patterns.

In the area of medical devices, Justin has handled matters relating to mechanical retractors for upper body surgery, plastic surgery implements, and surgical retrieval devices. Within the dental field he has acted for clients in the areas of dental retaining appliances, devices for preventing airway obstruction during sleep, and hygiene shields for preventing cross contamination.

Ramon Tozer

B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., Patent Attorney

Ramon has extensive experience in a diverse range of polymer related technologies, including polymer synthesis and analysis, bio-polymers, biodegradable polymers, polymer (nano) composites, polymer processing, reactive extrusion, emulsion and suspension polymerisation, free radical polymerisation, conducting polymers, stimulus responsive polymers, adhesive, paint and packaging technologies and polymerisation catalysts. Ramon’s practice also extends into the fields of organometallic, inorganic and organic chemistry.

Prior to joining Davies Collison Cave, Ramon worked as a senior polymer chemist with an international polymer manufacturer, conducting research and development in polymerisation catalyst technology, polymer manufacture, testing and conversion. He also worked as a research scientist at CSIRO where he conducted applied research for several leading polymer manufacturers and converters. Ramon has gained further experience as a polymer scientist working as an industrial analytical chemist with an international chemical and polymer manufacturer, specialising in polymer analysis.


Ian Drew

B.A., B.Ec., LL.B (Hons)., M.IP Law

Ian’s areas of practice include trade mark selection, searching, registration and opposition and advice in relation to trade mark infringement for both domestic and international jurisdictions. He has prosecuted trade mark matters in most jurisdictions worldwide, but notably before the Australian, United Kingdom, Community Trade Mark, New Zealand and Pacific Island Mark Offices.

Ian started his career at the Australian Office where he worked as a Senior Trade Examiner. Ian then worked for two years in London for a well-known Mark Attorney firm where he prosecuted the full range of matters before the United Kingdom and Community Trade Offices. Whilst in this position he had primary responsibility for the brands of several multi-national corporations which led to him prosecuting trade mark matters in most countries of the world.

Garth Hendry

B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D.

Garth is a patent attorney who is involved in all aspects of patent practice in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology fields. He has experience in patent drafting and prosecution, patent oppositions, patent infringement, due diligence, novelty and freedom to operate opinions, as well as in design prosecution. Garth also has a sound working knowledge of New Zealand patent and design law. Garth’s areas of technical expertise include molecular biology, protein biochemistry and spectroscopy of protein bound inorganic metal cofactors. He is co-author of a number of peer reviewed publications in international scientific journals, including the Journal of Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Nicola Lake

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. in IP (UK), Ph.D., M.I.P. (AU)

Nicola’s background in chemistry brought her to Australia in 2000 to undertake a Ph.D. in Applied Science at the Ian Wark Research Institute (“The Wark”). Under the supervision of Laureate Professor John Ralston, she undertook her research in the Advanced Coatings and Surface Wettability group. Her work focused on bases of DNA tethered to surfaces by polymers to create novel materials that exhibit significant contact angle changes when exposed to light radiation. The photo-sensitive materials developed are now the subject of a US patent, which she helped to prosecute while working as a junior patent attorney. She received The Wark Medal for her Ph.D. thesis and was offered an Adjunct Research Associate position at the University of South Australia following graduation.

Nicola now works as a registered Patent Attorney and is involved in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in areas including general chemistry, surface chemistry, nanofabrication, catalysis and micro-fluidics. She remains interested in novel materials and has been involved with projects involving multi-layered polymer films, ballistic laminates and fuel cell technology. Nicola has also been involved in a number of mining projects including those involving heap leaching, bioleaching and mineral particle modification.

Simon Reynolds

B.Eng. (Computer)(Hons.), M.I.P.

Simon focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the technical areas of electrical, computer-software and hardware, embedded systems, business-methods, telecommunications, and general mechanics. Simon previously worked for a large Australian mining software company, specialising in rapid delivery of modern software interfaces for legacy software and data acquisition from various mining instruments used onsite. Simon’s honours research involved the development and implementation of a software compiler for an Intel microprocessor. Simon has extensive representation upon technical and industry committees, including being Young Engineers Australia Chairperson for the Sydney Division between 2007 and 2008.

Simon’s experience in the software field includes handling matters relating to embedded systems, distributed computer systems, website architectures, telecommunication systems, search engine architectures, local and distributed malicious software scanning systems, software code generators, printing devices, digital signal processing, and security systems. His experience in electronics includes handling matters relating to embedded electrical systems, mechatronic systems, digital signal processing, microprocessors, radio communication techniques, wireless network devices, photovoltaic technologies, digital security devices and systems, and power electronic devices.

Penny Smith *

B.Sc., LL.B. (Hons.), Lawyer

Penny works mainly in intellectual property litigation and has experience across a range of IP matters including patents, copyright, trade marks, trade practices and the protection of confidential information. Penny has recently been involved in major copyright and patent litigation in the Federal Court of Australia. She also has experience in non-contentious IP work including preparing commercialisation, assignment and licensing agreements and providing advice in relation to commercial disputes.

Penny has particular interest and expertise in the life sciences area. She has advised Australian and international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies on patent validity and infringement, trade practices law and compliance with applicable regulatory codes. She has also acted for these clients in patent opposition proceedings in the Australian Patent Office as well as in proceedings in the Federal Court.