Leaders in IP: ALB’s profile on Davies Collison Cave

Leaders in IP: ALB’s profile on Davies Collison Cave

Leaders in IP: ALB’s profile on Davies Collison Cave

The Australasian Legal Business publication recently printed an expose’ on Davies Collison Cave. The article focussed on what differentiates the firm from its competitors in the Australian landscape. Article and photograph courtesy of Australasian Legal Business Magazine.

Davies Collison Cave has grown over the last 20 years into Australia’s largest and leading Intellectual Property firm. It has been successful in winning the IP Specialist firm of the Year award by Australasian Legal Business back to back and overall has won the award three times. Davies Collison Cave strives to remain at the forefront of IP in Australia by contributing significantly to national and international peak bodies. The firm’s ethos, dedication to developing its staff and partners and contribution to the IP landscape nationally and internationally, is what differentiates Davies Collison Cave in the niche field of Intellectual Property.

Leon Allen is the President of the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) and the Chair of the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (“ACIP”). Leon was elected as President of IPTA in April 2009 after serving on IPTA Governing Council in various capacities for 17 years. IPTA is the representative body of Australian patent and trade mark attorneys. Its roles include the education of patent and trade mark professionals, the promotion of the profession and it also has an active involvement with Government in the development of intellectual property legislation. The President’s role is to oversee the smooth operation of the Institute and to assist and co-ordinate the Convenors of the various working committees in carrying out the business of the Institute.

On 1 January 2009, Leon was appointed by the Minister to be the Chair of ACIP. ACIP is an independent body appointed by the Government to advise the Federal Minister for Innovation and Science Industry and Research in Intellectual Property and the strategic administration of IP Australia. The role as Chair of ACIP requires Leon to be aware of developments in intellectual property law in both Australia and internationally and to be familiar with Government policy direction in these areas. As part of his role in ACIP, Leon is also currently participating in the working groups undertaking reviews of patentable subject matter and enforcement of patents in Australia. Leon believes that ”it is very important in the proper development of intellectual property law to involve IP professionals to ensure that the laws are robust and credible from a practical point of view. It is also an important aspect of ACIP that the members are appointed in their individual capacities and not as a representative of any particular interest or lobby group”.

In June 2009 Peter Huntsman was appointed President of FICPI having served the last six years as the President of The Australian Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI Australia), a national association of FICPI. FICPI is a world-wide organisation of approaching 5000 IP professionals in private practice, which works for their interests as well as for those of the IP systems generally. The role enables Peter to be at the forefront of developments in the IP arena internationally.

Amongst the aims of FICPI are providing opinions on newly proposed international and national legislation, ”in particular in relation to the maintenance and invigoration of the system of IP protection”, and to promote training and continuing education of its members and others interested in IP by organising local and regional programmes. It meets these aims through a series of committees whose work is overseen and coordinated by a managing team headed by Peter. FICPI meets annually with at least the major IP offices of the world, as well as with other influential bodies involved with IP, including WIPO, WTO and the European Commission, and during his 3-year term Peter will lead the FICPI delegations.


Ian Pascarl has been for the past 6 years the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Law Council of Australia (“IPC”). IPC is a Committee of independent experts composed of leading lawyers from Australian law firms, the Australian Bar, Academia and Industry. The IPC considers issues in relation to Intellectual Property Law (“IPL”) and allied fields in Australia and overseas and is frequently requested to make expert comment by way of written submissions, and attendance at public and private hearings, in response to requests from government and law reform bodies on issues of critical importance to existing, and the further development of, IPL in Australia. Over the last two years IPC has prepared and delivered over 20 sets of extensive written submissions on a wide range of IPL subject matters and attended numerous public and private hearings and consultations.

In undertaking this work, the IPC goes to considerable lengths to ensure that its submissions are independent of any lobby or interest group and based solely on an objective analysis of what is fair and in the best interests of the broader community in the context of the development of IPL. As Chair Ian is required to be aware of major developments in intellectual property law in Australia and overseas and to receive, orchestrate and contribute to responses to government and law reform bodies’ requests for comment on these many issues.

David Webber was appointed by the Federal Government in 2006 to the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys. The Board is responsible for dealing with the qualifications for registration and the professional conduct of Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys. He was recently reappointed for a further term of 3 years by the Minister. In this role, David works to ensure registered attorneys maintain professional standards in their dealings with the public, and that those seeking registration have a sufficient depth of study to practice.

Internationally, David represents Australia on the Copyright Committee for the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) and has been elected to be an International Councillor of APAA. David is the Treasurer for the APAA (Australia Group) Inc. ”Participation in international organisations is important in order to appreciate and be an advocate for Australia’s position on the IP landscape”.

DCC has long been at the forefront in the training of IP professionals, and offers a stimulating environment for both discussion and work which has helped members of the firm reach the pinnacle in their respective careers. Each of these partners has received enormous support and encouragement from the overall Davies Collison Cave partnership, consistent with the policy, spirit and culture of the firm of making an objective, fair, free of cost, and substantial contribution to the development of IPL. Article and photograph courtesy of Australasian Legal Business Magazine.