Recent conferences: Bio2008, China Today Breakfasts and more

Recent conferences: Bio2008, China Today Breakfasts and more

China Today Breakfast Series

The firm was recently involved in the China Today Breakfast Series. A number of prominent speakers were involved in the series including: The Right Honourable Mike Moore, Former Director General, World Trade Organisation (responsible for negotiating China’s WTO membership) and former Prime Minister of New Zealand; Mr Richard Ci-Liang Yan, Chinese Entrepreneur and Founder of one of the first pan-China Corporations, named as one of Time Magazine’s Leaders and Revolutionaries; Professor Jean-Christophe Iseux, China Consultant to a dozen Fortune 500 multi-national corporations and special adviser to the People's Government of China; and Luke Minford, Head of Practise, Rouse & Co China,esponsible for 180 professionals in the three mainland offices of Guangzhon, Shanghai and Beijing. Our partners Marion Heathcote, Christine Lowe and Adam Sears spoke in seminars across all of Australia's capital cities. The focus of the series was to provide guests with a deeper understanding of China's markets, the possibilities and the pitfalls of doing business in China.

Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc (RACI) Biomolecular Chemistry Division, Annual Meeting

Michael Caine and Kathryn Morris, partners of the firm, recently attended the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc (RACI) Biomolecular Chemistry Division, Annual Meeting "Drug Discovery & Development" on 13 -17 July, Couran Cove Island Resort. The setting was picture perfect with white sand, sunny skies and interesting activities such as the Horizontal Bungee and Mechanical Surfboard hired for the conference delegate's enjoyment. The conference itself brought together group leaders from Universities, Pharma and Biotech industry, researchers in academic and industry drug discovery projects, practising medicinal chemists, and other allied professionals to share knowledge and experience on current developments in drug design.

ICEM 2008

The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) and the International Conference on Electronic Materials 2008 (ICEM 2008) Conference was held at the Hilton Sydney on 28th July – 1st August. This was the first international conference covering a broad range of interdisciplinary materials topics to be held in Australia. It was of particular interest to materials researchers where the outcome had an electrical/electronic, optical, energy and environmental application. The Conference attracted some 1500 delegates over the five days. Our staff involved in the conference as Chair of a Panel and as speakers were: Richard Brown, Chris Carter and J. Stonier.


When BIO has a party, BIO has a party! Bio2008 was held on 17 – 20 June in San Diego. The welcome reception for thousands of guests was held on the U.S.S. Midway, “the longest-serving carrier in the history of the U.S. Navy”, and now a museum. Some 20,000 industry leaders attended this conference. The full Convention program included four full days with 175 breakout sessions, 21 educational tracks, more than 1000 speakers, three keynote sessions, six Super sessions and three CEO Forum sessions. The firm hosted its own event in San Diego, the Bio2008 Cocktail Party at the Bondi Bar and Kitchen in San Diego. Five partners of the firm attended Bio2008 namely: Mark Roberts, Gavin Recchia, Tania Obranovich, John Hughes, and Victor Argaet.