Australian Nanotechnology Alliance Executive Series – Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication tour

Australian Nanotechnology Alliance Executive Series – Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication tour

The Australian Nanotechnology Alliance, Future Materials, Enterprise Connect and Davies Collison Cave joined to co-host the third seminar in the “Clayton’s Marriage Between Industry & Research” series. The seminar series provides an opportunity for researchers, industry and government to come together and learn how working together can achieve new products or opportunities.

Guests speakers were: Stuart Bensley, Chairman of Oceanlinx Limited and Dr David Jones the project co-ordinator for the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium. Both presenters delivered very insightful presentations.

Oceanlinx is a leading international company in the field of wave energy conversion, it has designed and deployed wave energy systems since 1997 and remains at the leading edge of marine renewable technology development. Mr Bensley outlined the costs involved in producing wave energy and how Oceanlinx are working towards making wave energy cost efficient enough to compete with other technologies.

Dr Jones presented on “Printed Solar Cells: Rethinking Renewable Energy”. To develop printed solar cells a team of experts is required to bring the new technology to commercialisation. From examining nanoscale morphology development at the Australian Synchrotron, to printing film at metres per second, from developing new light absorbing molecules, to developing new solar cell device architectures, each team member has to fully understand the requirements and constraints of the overall system. The outcome of this extensive team effort is a fully printed solar cell.

The seminar was held at the recently opened Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication. Prior to the commencement of the seminar, our guests were invited to tour the new precinct. Our thanks to Professor Ian Boyd, Director of the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication and his staff for conducting the tours and making the Centre available for the seminar series. Sam Mickan, a patent attorney with Davies Collison Cave, delivered the vote of thanks.

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