Client Case Study: Pod Orthotic’s POD® MX

Client Case Study: Pod Orthotic’s POD® MX

Client Case Study: Pod Orthotic’s POD® MX

A small invention has become an international success for Victorian company Pod Orthotic, and Davies Collison Cave has helped protect the products unique innovations, both in Australia and overseas.

What is POD® MX?

POD® MX ( is an innovative orthopedic knee brace designed for the extreme sport of motocross racing. POD® MX utilises an unique thermo plastic urethane hinge assembly to replicate the movement of the body’s most complex joint (the knee).

How was POD® MX developed?

POD® MX is the brain child of Victorian windsurfer and composite materials manufacturer, Geoff Maloney. A $100,000 Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) grant was used to fund market research, develop intellectual property strategies and expedite the working prototype phase.

Importance of IP protection

The unique thermo-plastic urethane hinge assembly within the POD® MX product is the key to its operation. To offer market exclusivity, patents covering the hinge assembly have been filed around the world.

In the absence of patent protection competitors would be free to exploit similar designs in the lucrative sports brace market, making it difficult for Geoff to recoup his investment in developing the device. Further patent applications have since been filed on enhancements to the original concept.

Geoff has also registered the trade mark POD® and associated logos in Australia, Europe, USA, China and other key markets.

Commercial success

Geoff’s Torquay based company, Pod Orthotic has partnered with Fox Racing USA, the No. 1 brand in motocross, to release the Pod® MX knee brace. The brace was an overnight success and is now distributed in more than 20 countries, achieving export sales of $2.5 million.

The US Food and Drug Administration recently certified Pod products as medical devices. Pod products are now available to orthopaedic surgeons, hospitals, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, third party insurers, prosthetic centres and healthcare professionals.

With the right advice, your Medtech innovations can be protected effectively

Geoff Maloney engaged Davies Collison Cave to protect the POD® MX invention. Davies Collison Cave is Australia’s largest and most respected Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm. All your IP needs for Medtech innovations can be met by our team of attorneys, all of whom have science or engineering qualifications. Together with Davies Collison Cave Solicitors, we are able to provide a comprehensive suite of services to help you from conception to commercialisation, licensing and enforcement of your IP rights.

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