IP Update December 2013 Issue 22

IP Update December 2013 Issue 22

IP Update December 2013 Issue 22

This IP Update has more on the shrinking distance between Australia and NZ. The Muzz Buzz case shows how Australian brand reputation can spill across the Tasman. Our Guide to NZ’s new Patents Act highlights the increased harmonisation of patent laws. And, 40 years after Australia, NZ accedes to the Nice Agreement on trade mark classification.

The CUB case reminds us that the Registrar has discretion to refuse removal of non-used trade marks. To see when four stripes are deceptively similar to three, read our Adidas case study. Do you use Google Adwords? If so, check our briefing to learn if you’re engaging in prohibited conduct.

The Federal Court has reversed the Patent Office’s narrow interpretation of the patentability of computer-implemented inventions (RPL Central). It has also reversed a first-instance interlocutory injunction restraining sale of a patented medicine dispenser where there was a strong public safety interest in having the dispenser available (GlaxoSmithKline).

Our Insight reviews the new government’s commitment to innovation.

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