IP Update June 2013 Issue 20

IP Update June 2013 Issue 20

IP Update June 2013 Issue 20

Australia and NZ are moving closer together, as this edition’s Insight explains.

Our Case Studies look at when prior art provides “clear and unmistakeable directions” that anticipate a claim (Eli Lilly), and when a licence will be granted to protect a party who exploits a restored patent during its lapsed period (Garden City).

We also explore the Snack Foods denial of interlocutory relief for trade mark infringement, the US Alkamai decision strengthening patent infringement by inducement, and the Research Affiliates ruling that implementing by computer an algorithmic process that can be undertaken manually is not a patentable invention.

Following its recent High Court win, Google no longer restricts advertisers from using other parties’ trademarks as keywords.  Our Practice Update considers what actions trade mark owners can take against the advertisers, and why the revised customs seizure provisions are good news for trade mark and copyright owners. 

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