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DCC Out and About

DCC Out and About


Regional Victoria has the spotlight on small business over the next couple of months. Elizabeth Godfrey and Cheryl Hrvoj from the Trade Marks team presented at the ‘Small Business Smart Business Buffet’ in Geelong. The presentation provided advice to small businesses in Geelong regarding protecting their brand online. DCC is pleased to announce that they will be hosting more regional events in Geelong, Wodonga and Warrnambool during the Victorian Government ‘Small Business Festival’ in August.  Elizabeth and Cheryl will be presenting on a more in-depth topic of “How secure is your brand online?” Full details of the events can be found here.


DCC has been busy in the agribusiness space. You may have caught up with some of our operators at the AAA Vic 2014 Agribusiness Association Luncheon held in Melbourne with Deloitte or in Toowoomba at the AusBiotech: Agriculture, Food, Water and Energy Nexus that DCC supported.

John Hughes and Paula de Bruyn attended the ‘Agri-innovation: the convergence of research, IP and commercialisation’ in Sydney in June and Paula and Amanda Lee attended the successful Australian Institute of Food Science Technology (AIFST) National Convention at the Melbourne Convention Centre.


In Sydney, DCC were pleased to host the judges and all those involved in the NSW Engineering Excellence Awards 2014 at the launch event in June. This event is the official launch of the awards and DCC are proud supporters.


BIO International Convention was held in San Diego, California this year.  The Convention highlighted California’s vibrant biotechnology industry. If you were there you may have run into John Hughes, Gavin Recchia or Victor Argaet, who attended the convention on behalf of DCC.

INTA 2014

INTA’s inaugural Annual Meeting was held in Hong Kong this year and featured five days of international trademark and intellectual property education sessions. DCC’s INTA team consisted of Michael Wolnizer; Adam Sears; Nick Holmes; Brett Lewis; Marion Heathcote; David Webber; Chris Jordan; Trevor Stevens; Elizabeth Godfrey; Dawn Logan Keeffe; Mark Roberts and Ian Drew.