Financial computer technologies and innovations (FinTech) replace traditional financial services, with fantastic new ways of doing business. The FinTech market is high value and fast evolving.

Davies Collison Cave’s (DCC’s) experienced team can develop a sophisticated IP strategy, taking into account the various ways of protecting FinTech inventions in different countries, which is imperative from the early stages of development.  The monopoly rights conferred by IP ownership can be a powerful asset with which to:

  • Deter potential infringers;
  • Enforce IP rights;
  • Attract funding;
  • Maintain investor confidence;
  • Generate revenue streams through licencing IP rights; and/or
  • Generate revenue through sale of IP rights.

The speed of entry of new products into this market, the rapidity with which many FinTech innovations can be copied once published, and the relative ease with which computer-implemented technologies can be transferred Internationally make it critical to have good early advice on available IP strategies.

Working with an experienced IP team from the outset will ensure that you receive strategic IP guidance that suits your business needs and goals, and can move forward with confidence through all stages of development and commercialisation.  

Technically talented team

FinTech innovations are typically software driven, or use a combination of hardware (e.g. secure elements) and software. This reliance on computer system behaviour makes FinTech a complex area in which to obtain patent rights. Our FinTech team at DCC has experience safely navigating around the software and business method exclusions internationally. The FinTech team has specific knowledge and experience in:

  • Transaction and trade-related methods
  • Account controls, virtual accounts and virtual wallets
  • Tokenization
  • Card technologies
  • Bill presentment and payment technologies
  • Biometric and algorithmic authentication technologies
  • Robotic and automated transactions
  • Network infrastructure
  • Gaming systems
  • Cybersecurity, anti-fraud, encryption and cryptography
  • App development
  • Smartphone technologies
  • Value-added services
  • Pos, atm and other merchant and financial institution terminal technologies
  • Consumer and merchant experience
  • Big data mining and analytics
  • Analysis of financial markets.

Our team can also draw on the knowledge of more than 80 other high calibre IP professionals internationally.